Mini foot pump


The massive barrel designed aluminum foot pump  for bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, car, Quad, ATV camping and other uses.
High Volume Mode and High Pressure Mode for faster inflation and with less effort.

The dual pump head with precision gauge for Schrader, Presta and Dunlop valve.

Comes with needles for balls and toys, a dust cap with Dunlop adapter and a nylon bag.



           How many pumpsteps needed to fill a tire? 

bikes / tyres / pressure

Mini foot pump


MTB - tires 26" 3 bar/42 psi

ca. 60 steps

ca. 220 times

racebiketires  4 bar

ca. 20 steps

ca. 90 times

racebiketires  6 bar

ca. 40 steps

nearly impossible

racebiketires  8 bar

ca. 70 steps

nearly impossible

City- Touringbike 28"  4 bar

ca. 70 steps

ca. 250 times



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